Project Management for Construction: The Owners’ Perspective

Project Management for Construction: The Owners’ Perspective” is a comprehensive guide that focuses on the role of owners in the construction process. It covers various types of construction, including residential, institutional, commercial, specialized industrial, and infrastructure projects, each with unique characteristics and requirements.

The book emphasizes the importance of owners understanding industrial practices and influencing the construction industry for efficient and quality results.

It also discusses the selection of professional services, like financial planning consultants and architectural/engineering firms, and the evolving dynamics between these professionals and the construction process​​.

  1. Understanding Construction Types: The book stresses the importance of owners understanding the specific type of construction project they are involved in, as each type (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) has unique characteristics and challenges.
  2. Owner’s Influence on Construction Industry: It highlights how owners, through their decisions and actions, can significantly influence construction industry practices, promoting innovation, efficiency, and quality.
  3. Professional Services Selection: The book discusses the critical role of selecting the right professional services, like architects, engineers, and financial consultants, and how these choices impact the project’s success.
  4. Owner-Contractor Relationship: It examines the evolving relationship between owners and contractors, including the challenges and dynamics that can influence project outcomes.
  5. Impact of Economic and Regulatory Factors: The book also covers how economic conditions, government policies, and regulations can affect construction projects, emphasizing the need for owners to stay informed and adaptable.

In conclusion, “Project Management for Construction: The Owners’ Perspective” is an insightful guide that emphasizes the critical role of owners in the construction process.

It covers various construction types, the significant influence of owners on the industry, the importance of selecting appropriate professional services, the dynamics of owner-contractor relationships, and the impact of economic and regulatory factors.

This book is a valuable resource for owners to understand their pivotal role in construction projects and how they can effectively contribute to their success.

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